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Founded in 1953, Choice Canning Co. began it’s shrimp farming in a small village settled in Southern India. Branded now as Tastee Choice, and proudly maintained as a family-owned business, it is our highest prestige to have flourished at an international caliber. We now serve throughout the US in over 48,000 retail and food-service locationsToday, our mission remains the same – unwavering comittment to providing a wholesome dining experience to all – right from the comfort of home.

Our signature skillet meals are designed with convenience in mind. Each recipe is intently prepared with high quality ingredients. You can now enjoy flavors from around the world, made to serve in minutes.

A Quality Choice

Tastee Choice embraces vertically-integrated production to ensure top-quality sustainable ingredients, advantages in cost-effectiveness, and unparalleled quality control all the way from farm to fork.

It is in the flourishing rural of Pittson, PA where our state-of-the-art facility provides full-service packaging for all of our frozen meals. 

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